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SAFE WORD (2022)

Short Film
(Run Time: 15 Minutes -  Drama, LGBTQ+)


A short drama about an emotionally stunted masochist who must confront his self-loathing after his dom, Bear, changes the rules of their game.

Directed by

Christopher Cunetto

Written by

Eva von Schweinitz & Christopher Cunetto


Mauricio Pita & Jonathan Adriel


Fernando Rocha

Original Score by

Ryan Walsh

Produced by:

Mauricio Pita (EP), Christopher Cunetto, Elena Kritter, Nicole Wackerly, Nina Young

Official Selection - Maryland International Film Festival 2023, Hagerstown, MD

Official Selection - IndieFlicks Monthly Film Festival 2023 - Manchester, UK

Official Selection - Tag! Queer Shorts Fest - Portland, OR

Official Selection - Ocean City Film Festival 2023 - Ocean City, MD

Official Selection - Richmond Film Network, February 2023 - Richmond, VA

Official Selection - Metropolis Film Festival 2023 - Milan, Italy


Award Winner - Washington International Cinema Festival 2022 - Wash, DC

Best LGBT Short - Christopher Cunetto
Best Score - Ryan Walsh
Best Producers - Christopher Cunetto & Mauricio Pita

Best Actor - Mauricio Pita

Safe Word (2022)
Crystalline (2023)


Proof of Concept


A drag queen must battle vivid hallucinations to conquer a high-stakes performance that will set her free.

A co-production with Cunetto Creative LLC

Written & directed by

Christopher Cunetto

Produced by:

Christopher Cunetto (EP) & Mauricio Pita (EP)

GATEWAY (2022)

Short Film
(Run Time: 15 Minutes - Drama, Science Fiction)


A sci-fi drama about a grieving man who uses a fringe science method in a desperate attempt to reconnect with his dead wife.

A co-production with Cunetto Creative LLC

Written & directed by

Christopher Cunetto


Jeff Dernlan, Carol Cadby, & Duncan Fitzgerald


Haik Kavookjian

Produced by:

Christopher Cunetto (EP) & Mauricio Pita


Official Selection - Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2023 - Boston, MA

Official Selection - Lucid Dreams Festival, 2023 - Pisa, Italy


Award Winner - Prestige Film Fest 2022

Best Science Fiction - Prestige Film Fest 2022

Best Actor - Jeff Dernlan -  Prestige Film Fest 2022


Award Winner - The Atlantis Awards 2022

Best Director - Christopher Cunetto

Nominee - Best Live Action Short 2022


Finalist - Golden Short Film Festival 2022

Best Short Film

Gateway (2022)


A Documentary


A documentary exploring the human impact of the most recent urban development of the Southwest quadrant of Washington, D.C.

Executive Producer:

Mauricio Pita

Changing Channel (2023)
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