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Founded in 2021, Tepui Media is an award-winning full-service video production company in Washington, DC. 

We are daring in our approach, deeply curious, and engaging with our audiences.

We produce video content and films that sell, entertain, and move hearts through a unique ecosystem of artists, creators, and technicians. 

Our self-produced projects have received numerous accolades including screening at Academy Award and Canadian Screen Award qualifying film festivals, as well as receiving international attention and press.

The flat-top mountains of South America inspire our name. Each tepui mountain hosts a unique array of endemic plant and animal life. The word Tepui is pronounced (Teh-‘poo-ee).



We thrive in collaboration to make gripping films that empower transformation and foster healing.


We collaborate with people with all levels of experience and seek to achieve highest level of artistic excellence by our love to attention to detail and bold approach.


We believe in lifting traditionally marginalized communities and people by including them in leadership, professionally, and artistic opportunities at all levels. 


An eco-system depends on diversity of talent, ideas, and lived experiences; we believe that we are more than positions, titles, we acknowledge our humanity and seek to strengthen communities by collaboration and partnership.


Questions and curiosity are the foundation of our work. Experimentation and risk-taking is how we approach it.


We believe in igniting, reflecting, and engaging in conversation. We believe in intellectual diversity.



Founded during the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, to solidify the unexpected opportunity of collaboration that emerged between artists to survive.  Since then, Tepui Media has produced films with consistent multi-disciplinary collaborators, emerging artists, and award-winning professionals. 

Who is Tepui?
Our History


Mauricio Pita Actor Producer

A Venezuelan-American producer, actor, and stage director. Projects include "Inside Voices" and "Waiting Room." a set of films devised with Voices of Now ensembles and produced by Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater. Mauricio helped produce the multimedia projects "Ophee et Eurydice" (filmed remotely in the UK), the audio play: A Fairy Queen, and the interdisciplinary film/theater piece Boheme in The Heights. Mauricio was featured in the short film "You, Me, Bathroom, Sex, Now" directed by Francisco Lupini. (Best of Festival at Palm Springs Shortfest), and executive produced and starred in "Safe Word" Tepui's launch project. (Inside Out Toronto, Provincetown International Film Festival, FilmOUT San Diego, Reeling Chicago, OUTSouth.)

Mauricio Pita
Founder | Executive Producer

Christopher Cunetto
Producing Partner

Christopher is an award-winning Italian-American queer filmmaker, visual artist, and creative strategist based in Washington, DC. His narrative film has been screened at diverse festivals and venues - from the premiere of his short film Jeux, a love letter to DC LGBT nightlight, at local bar Number 9, to a selection of shorts celebrating Iberian poets at The Kennedy Center.

His award winning short “Gateway” is currently in festivals. The film is about a grieving widower’s desperate attempt to reconnect with his late wife using a fringe-science meditation technique. It is an official selection of the long-running Boston Science Fiction Festival in 2023 and received Best Science Fiction at the Prestige Film Fest in 2022. Christopher was recognized as Best Director at The Atlantis Awards in 2022.

As a filmmaker, Christopher seeks to uplift stories and perspectives from people that might be more easily overlooked by the mainstream: queer people and older adults in particular. He believes that film is medicine; empathy machines that have the power to bring us toward mutual understanding and powerful works of art that make us feel less alone in our struggles.

Christopher Cunetto Writer Director
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