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Safe Word (2022)
Safe Word short film poster Mauricio Pita, Jonathan Adriel, Christopher Cunetto, Ryan Walsh, Emily Cunetto, Jonathan Borgia, Fernando Rocha, Elena Kritter, Eva von Schweinitz, Tepui Media

SAFE WORD (2023)

Short Film
(Run Time: 15 Minutes -  Drama, LGBTQ+)


Cesar, a masochist must confront his self-loathing after his Dom, Bear, reinterprets the rules of their game.

Directed by

Christopher Cunetto

Story by

Eva von Schweinitz


Screenplay by

Eva von Schweinitz & Christopher Cunetto


Mauricio Pita & Jonathan Adriel


Fernando Rocha

Original Score by

Ryan Walsh

Produced by:

Mauricio Pita (EP), Christopher Cunetto, Elena Kritter, Nicole Wackerly, Nina Young

Official Selections

Provincetown International Film Festival - Provincetown, MA

(Academy Award qualifying film festival)

Inside Out Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival  -Toronto, Canada

(Canadian Screen Award qualifying film festival)

Wicked Queer - 2024 -Boston, MA

Minnesota International Film Festival 2024

FilmOUT San Diego - San Diego, CA

Korea Queer Film Festival - Seoul, South Korea

OUTSouth Queer Film Festival - Durham, NC

OUT at the Movies International Film Fest - Winston-Salem, NC

ReelQ Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ Film Festival - Pittsburgh, PA

Seattle Queer Film Festival - Seattle, WA

Connecticut International LGBTQ+ Film Festival - Hartford, CT

Reeling! Chicago International LGBTQ+ Film Festival - Chicago, IL

DC Shorts International Film Festival - Washington, DC

Reel Affirmations - Washington, DC

Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival - Little Rock, AR

CineKink - New York, NY

Virginia Queer Film Festival, - Norfolk, VA

Maryland International Film Festival - Hagerstown, MD

IndieFlicks Monthly Film Festival - Manchester, UK

Tag! Queer Shorts Fest - Portland, OR

Ocean City Film Festival - Ocean City, MD

Metropolis Film Festival - Milan, Italy

Washington International Cinema Festival - Washington, DC

Richmond International Film Festival - Richmond VA - Finalist


ReelQ Pittsburgh LGBTQ Film Festival 2023

Best Short Film

DC Shorts International Film Festival 2023

Best LGBTQ+ Film

KQFF 2023 - Seoul, South Korea

Honorary Mention from the Executive Committee

Notable LGBTQ+ Film.

CineKink 2023 - New York, NY

Honorable Best Mention

Richmond Film Network 2023

Best DMV Film

Washington International Cinema Festival 2022 - Wash, DC

Best LGBT Short
Best Score: Ryan Walsh
Best Producers: Christopher Cunetto & Mauricio Pita

Best Actor: Mauricio Pita

Provincetown International Film Festival Laurel 2023 PIFF Safe Word
Inside Out Toronto Film Festival Safe Word 2023 Laurel


""If a safe word is designed to stop the action, the irony of Safe Word is that its greatest attribute is that you very much want it to continue."


"A multi-faceted jewel of a movie."

- LGBTQ Nation >

“...a life-imitates-art path of self-acceptance.” - Washington Post.”


“…visually and emotionally compelling…"

“Safe Word is an elegant chamber piece, and the maid comes dressed in leather.” LGBTQ Nation >

Gateway (2022)

GATEWAY (2022)

Short Film
(Run Time: 15 Minutes - Drama, Science Fiction)


After an unusual incident, a desperate widower becomes obsessed with contacting his late wife using a fringe-science meditation technique.

A Cunetto Creative production with support from Tepui Media.

Written and directed by

Christopher Cunetto


Jeff Dernlan, Carol Cadby, & Duncan Fitzgerald


Haik Kavookjian

Produced by:

Christopher Cunetto & Mauricio Pita

Gateway short film poster with laurels by Christopher Cunetto, Tepui Media, Mauricio Pita, Haik Kavookjian, Emily Cunetto, Noreen Mira, Marmoset, David Woodrow, Pete Chamberlain, Jeff Dernlan, Carol Cadby, Duncan Fitzgerald

Official Selection

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2023 - Boston, MA

Lucid Dreams Festival, 2023 - Pisa, Italy

Richmond Film Network - Richmond, VA


Award Winner

Prestige Film Fest 2022

Best Science Fiction

Best Actor - Jeff Dernlan


The Atlantis Awards 2022

Best Director - Christopher Cunetto

Nominee - Best Live Action Short 2022


The OLA Film Festival 2023

Best Short Film

Genesis International Film Festival 2023

Best Short Film

Golden Short Film Festival 2022

Best Short Film

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