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We create impactful and thought-provoking films that empower healing and transformation for the LGBTQ+

Our name is inspired by the uniquely diverse Tepui mountains of South America. 


"Safe Word is an intellectually and visually stunning work that has us eager for more to come from the production company Tepui Media."


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Full Service Film Production

Brand Stories


Actor Strategies

Full-service film production services including development, production, and distribution. We produce ​fiction, documentaries, corporate, educational, commercial, idustrials, education, music videos, and more.

We develop and produce compelling and inspiring content that fosters an authentic connection with your audience as well as helping you reach your business goals. 

We help you craft compelling narratives, develop production strategies, advise you on fundraising, marketing, and distribution, industry trends and innovation, and more.

We love actors! We help you develop audition videos, actor reels, produce a short film. We go beyond the production. We help you select published and develop original content that aligns with your actor brand as well as coach your performance to advance your career.

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